Use Your mobile Camera as a Security Camera

      Use Your mobile Camera as a Security Camera

After long time Silent Hacker comes with some useful tricks , which make you more smarter .
So here we have technique to use your mobile camera as a security camera with easy steps , Before we go ahead we have required to download android application from play store

App Name : IP Webcam

We required two mobile  devices or one mobile & one PC
Note : Both the device connected in same network area , you can use wi-fi Hotspot to create network area.

Step 1: Download and install IP Webcam in mobile device .


Step 2: The device where IP Webcam is installed is used as a Security camera.

Step 3: Now you see following type of screen in your mobile .

Step 4: Now click on “Start Server” for video streaming

Step 5: Now you see this following screen where the IP address and port number is mentioned.

Step 6: Now put this IP address with port number in URL bar in your PC or mobile which you used to see the video which is captured by the security camera.

Yeah !!!!!!
Now you  have created a security camera . you can use your mobile as a webcam.   
Hacker is not a hardcore coder , hacker is the person who use programming language, and tools to break security & make life easy.

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