How to Install and Update Drivers in Windows 10 ?

      Install and Update Drivers in Windows 10

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Now we are going to understand that how to install driver in windows 10 ?
in this specific section we will look at how these drivers are installed and updated in Windows 10.
Installing Drivers using Windows Update
After installing Windows 10 one of the very common issues is regarding driver installation and updates, you can resolve all these issues using Windows Update.

Step 1

Ensure that you are connected to the internet.

Go to Start -> Settings -> Update and recovery -> Windows Update.
Type wuapp in Run (Windows + R) then press Enter.

Step 2

Click Check Updates.

All the appropriate drivers start downloading in your system after detecting the system configuration byWindows Update. 

It might happen that some drivers are not detected and installed by Windows Update, you can try it manually to install.
Installing drivers using Device Manager

Open Device Manager by pressing Windows + X.

Select the device and right-click on it and Update Driver Software. 

The Update Driver Software wizard opens with Search automatically for updates driver software that Windows will search the computer for and the internet for the latest driver software.
And then :
Well my driver is already updated. 

To locate and install the driver software manually we have the Browse my computer for driver softwareoption by which Windows will automatically install the driver if you have driver files. 

Look for the existing driver and select it.

Click Next, you will see the Installation complete wizard.

Troubleshooting Compatibility
If the preceding two cases are unsuccessful then what you can do is use the Troubleshoot Compatibility that makes older drivers compatible with the modern versions of Windows.

Go through the following procedure for Troubleshoot Compatibility
Right-click the setup file and click Troubleshoot Compatibility and follow the step to fix this issue.

Follow the above steps which is given in picture and you can troubleshoot your problem .

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