Difference Between JAVA SE6 & SE7

        Difference Between JAVA SE6 & SE7

Java SE 7 is the latest version of Oracle Certified Professional 

(OCP) exam by Oracle. Oracle states that they have raised the bar 

to pass OCP exam with their Java version 7. 

Let me compare OCP Java SE 6 and OCP Java SE 7 

exams and list the major differences:

*1. Exam Topics* 

You can assume that the old OCP Java SE 6 has been split into 2 exams - OCA Java SE 7 and OCP Java SE 7. Java basics have been moved to OCA Java SE 7 exam and the advanced topics have been retained in OCP Java 7 exam. Also, multiple topics have been added to OCP Java SE 7 exam, which were not included for Java SE 6 exam – Advanced class design, Java File I/O (NIO.2), Java DataBase Connectivity, Design Patterns (only 3 design patterns), Localization, new Language features in Java 7 (try with multi-catch, try-with-resources statements, String in switch statement, Underscores in numeric literal values)

*2. Pre-requisite*

Earning Java SE 7 is a two step process. You must pass OCA Java SE 7 Programmer 1 (1Z0-803) exam to be eligible to write OCP Java SE 7 Programmer II exam (1Z0-804). There are no pre-requisites to write OCP Java SE 6 exam.

*3. Advantage of writing OCP Java SE 7 over OCP Java SE 6*

You get to write the latest version of the OCP exam, which includes more topics. So you get to learn more and your certificate will support your claim of knowing the latest Java 7 (language) features. 

Also, you earn two certificates in this process:Oracle Java Associate, Java SE 7 Programmer Oracle Java Professional, Java SE 7 Programmer 

*4. Advantage of writing OCP Java SE 6 over OCP Java SE 7*

You need to write only one exam.Fewer exam topics evaluate to less exam preparation time.Writing only one exam will cost you less than writing 2 exams.

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