How to bind two exe files into one .

                          File Binding

File binding is a process to bind two exe files into one. When binded exe is exeuted, both the
exe’s are executed at the same time.

We have 2 default binder programs:
1. iexpress.exe (ship with xp+vista)
Goto run and type: iexpress

  • and select 1 option : create a self extraction directive file .
  • next
  • select 1st  option .
  • next
  • give package title-my prg or any .
  • next
  • select no prompt 
  • select donot
  • display a license add 2 files (one virus or Trojan file, and 2 any software like winamp.exe)
  • next 
  • select install program 
  • winamp.exe and post install command
  •  select server.exe(virus)
  • Selct default
  • next
  • no message
  • select Browse to save a final exe file.
  • And next
  •  final.exe created. 
When we are binding the exe’s, the limitation is that it makes a third type of icon which can
be detected so to change icon we use resource hacker program for getting the orginal icon.To
change icon use resource hacker program.

Don’t use custom binders from internet because they are detected as virus by many anti

Limitation of iexpress:

Iexpress can only bind exe file format into final exe, not any other extension like excel, PDF

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